Top and Latest Technology Trends List

Top and Latest Technology Trends List

Hello Readers, In this Blog Post you will know all information about the Top and Latest Technology Trends List by Softs Guide. So how are you all I know you are excited to know about what is new in my magic box ( blogger) so let’s not waste much time moving forward to our new blog “Top and latest Technology Trends” Here we are discussing about this topic? It’s a big challenge to all of us our Top and latest Technology Trends. As you know that technology is the best friend to human it’s a best example to understand human brain capacity and power of the mind but technology make our life easier but it’s come with more difficult so we will discuss in below headline.

Our Latest Technology Trends are:

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual Reality
  • Cloud Computing
  • Angular and React
  • Cybersecurity
  • Internet of Things 
  • Intelligent Apps 
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Big Data
  • Data science

What is Future Software Technology Trends?

It’s time to get ready to discuss “Future software technology” software technology makes our life 10x faster and attractive. Software develops our life and technology makes our life easy. Many things we can learn by software, software program any type of apps, and create a product more attractive and easy to use for everyone. Future technology makes our life easy like as I shared already in my blogs.

What are the next Trends in Technology?

Our next trend of technology making our life so advance and lazy but its making our future generation smart and they know what is good or bad by the help of future technology.

By the help of this technology we can solve any type of mathematics and science questions. It’s really helpful for our new generation and us also.

What are the new emerging Technology Trends?

Emerging technology are technologies whose development our life by practical application. It’s really full for our business growth and makes money. Our new emerging technology helps for growth you and creates yourself also. New emerging technology- Mobile (education in your pocket), Digital perfume and solar powered car this type of technology makes our life.

What are the Latest Technology Trends now?

Latest trending technology help to improve and develop your skill and personality also.

Even latest technology gives us entertainment with security.

What are some new Latest Technologies Trends?

There is some technology which gives us best results like:

  • 5G data
  • Computer vision.
  • Screenless display
  • Wireless energy transfer
  • Smart glasses

So these are the 11 topics we will discuss over here:

These are some topic which tells us how important knowing technology and technology makes our life so easy and unique.

So let’s start explaining our 10 topics of technology. And explore how the technology handles itself, how it works with human beings in human life?

1-   Artificial Intelligence- AI is the master of deep learning of computers. It’s the best part to understand better of computer science. AI is the backbone of computer science it makes it easy to understand computer technology and easy to use of the power of technology. That’s why AI’s second name is machine intelligence because of demonstrated by machines. it is the best example I told you in my first blog. Well as we can say in the simple way AI is the backbone of technology and computer science.

“Artificial Intelligence is the best part of technology if we can understand that we can.”

Advantage –

*Updated itself

*It can do anything without asking any questions

Disadvantage –

*High cost of Invention


us(human) lazy.

*No Emotions.

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2- BlockChain- Blockchain is a system to keep a record of transactions made in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that are maintained which are connected. We are using this technology to create a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for compiling data on sales, tracking digital use, and payments to content creators.

“Blockchain is changing everything, everything means Everything.”



* Fast process.

* Easy to use


* Large energy consumption.

*Risk of cyber attack

3- Virtual Reality- Virtual reality is fake. It’s different from the reality. Virtual Reality used for Entertainment (video game), Education (medical or military training). It’s a modeling language which used basically for video games and 3D cinemas. It’s very safe for everyone, especially for children. Virtual reality means that-experience for new things by the computer which is not Exist.

“Therefore it exists.”


*virtual reality makes education easier.

*virtual reality creates a realistic world 

*Easy to use.




* Lack of Flexibility 

* Addiction to the Virtual Information. 

4- Cloud Computing- From this technology, we can deliver different types of services through the Internet. This is the latest technology, with the help of this technology we can use and utilize the applications as utilities via the internet. It’s the very fastest service to downloading and delivers anything. It’s helpful to understand all complication language and computer programming.

“Cloud wants to know about how you do computing, not where you do computing?”


*High capacity network

*Very easy and quick to get your command.

 *Complete backup


*Storages limits 

*Speed limit

*Security Issue.

5- Angular and React – Angular and react used in creating modern web applications. With the help of this technology, we can change and add anything new features if we want. This technology allows creating a native mobile application with the same J.S., C.S.S. & HTML.

“Nowhere we are discussing Angular and React with their definitions.”

Angular- Angular is a platform for mobile and desktop web applications.

Advantage –

*Perfect testing. 

* Using less code

*fast speed


*Memory leakage.

*Java script base.

React- React create simple designing views for each state in your application, it is a development server that uses for Web pack.


*Easy search engine optimization.

*Easy debugging



*Required coding

* Virus problems.

These are two types of technology which is very useful and helpful for everyone. This technology makes human life so easy.

Mostly, this technology makes the same type of work but there have some small difference like-

* Time-saving “React Technology”

*Taking large time “Angular Technology”

*Simple and attractive “React Technology”

*Complication in “Angular Technology”

*Fully supported by Facebook in “React Technology”

*”Angular” have no support from Facebook.

“Make the developer yourself by angular and react technology.”

 6- Cybersecurity- Cybersecurity is electronic security. It’s capable of protecting our all programs of our system like-hardware, software, data, and internet connection. Cybersecurity controlling to attack and control cybercrime. It’s really helpful for us and cybersecurity is a continuously changing our field and make our data and privacy so secure & safe. By this technology decrease cyber attacks and improve confidence in the product for both developers and customers. Cybersecurity is the best technology. 

“Cyber makes our life and security make our life so easy.”

But as we know good things come with negative points.


*You can use your privacy without any problems.

*short time processing

*Delete fraud DATA.



*make system slow.

*Need to keep updating.

7- Internet of Things- Now the day internet is so impotent for us. We can’t live without the internet a second. Today we can find anything with the internet. It’s helpful for many things like- shopping, paying the bill, and watching the video, reading, use for the social website if you are feeling bored, Learn a different language on the internet. With the help of this Internet of Things, devices can be used to monitor and control the mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems used in various types of buildings.

“Internet of things makes life easier.”


* Communication.

*Easy access to information.




*Loss of Security 


8-Intelligent Apps – Intelligent apps make our life very smart and easy to use anything for our daily life uses like we can communicate anyone from anywhere to any place, we can learn anything from intelligent apps. It’s our next generation. Intelligent apps are a combination of multiple data sources. It’s a real definition of the next generation. You can find anything from intelligent apps, you can share your ideas, thought, and what you want you can very smartly and easily. It’s the best process to use machine learning and developing and create yourself with the help of this technology you can understand the history of the internet and the presence of the internet at the same time.

“I believe life is an intelligent thing, even I believe that some things make life intelligent.”


*Easy to use 


*Wide application.

*Handling multiple problems and give best solutions

Disadvantage –

*Wasting time

*Affected education.

9-Robotic Process Automation- Robotic Process Automation is the best technology to configure computer software. Robotic process Automation processing simple and Business rules. Robotic Process Automation is coming from business process automation technology based on robot software. It’s the best example of artificial intelligence and support for digital work. Robotic process automation is used in the industrial area for developing. Robotic Process Automation is an application of technology, governed by business logic and improvement in working and working hours. And they are working without any fear and feeling tired they can continue without a vacation, by this technology human makes more money.

“Everything can be automated and will be automated.”

Advantage –

* Quickly work.

* cost-efficient

* Fewer chances of error.

* Productivity




*Need maintenance.

10-Big Data- Big data was originally associated with three keys concept like – volume (huge amount of data), variety (inconsistencies and uncertainty in data), velocity (different formats of data from various sources), velocity (high speed of accumulation of data), value (extract useful data). Big data always use to analyze, systematically extract information. It’s always used to describe a collection of data huge of data size. It’s growing our future and makes us smart. Because we know that technology is more important for our life and survive our life. Big data always helpful for us like – Media & entertainment, E-commerce, telecom, Travel, Healthcare, Finance, retail, and education. Big data always used to the better understanding customer and their behaviors. We can use big data in practice for better understanding and better performance.

“We are a BIG DATA, we can understand you better and find all problems solution.”

Advantage –

*Improving Science & Research 

*Understanding and optimizing the business process.


*Large memory power.


*Security issue.

*Handling issue.

*Increase social stratification.

11- Data Science- Data science is related to data mining, it’s also base on machine learning and Big data. Data science is defined as a blend of mathematics, business tools, and science. Data science is hard; it’s a big combination of hard skills and soft skills. Data science provides meaningful information based on a large amount of complex data or big data. Data science is best for everyone who is learning Data science, it gives us the best career for those students who are interested in Data. By data science, you can make more and more money. Data science uses techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the context of mathematics, statistics, computer science, domain knowledge, and information science. It is changing everything because of the impact of information technology. Data science focused on knowledge and better information in all fields related to science. Because Data science creates its world. Data science is a growing field. It’s growing to make our future and make easier our life.

“Data science wisdom comes only from your smart work with your smartness. If you can try you can.”


* Best career.

*Continuous Improvement

*Wide application

*Powerful and efficient language.


*Problems of data privacy.

* Time and Resource.

*Lack of exception handling.

Now we discussed here “Top and Latest Technology Trends.”

I hope it helps with a better understanding of “Top and Latest Technology Trends.”

Conclusion about Top and Latest Technology Trends List

Technology has helped in the growth and development of the mind as kind as a whole. Technology inventions many types of entertainment sources and connecting with people in different parts of the world. We are free to read according to our choice and free to share our ideas with our friends and relatives with the help of technology. Today we all depend on technology and we can’t live without these technologies. This technology makes us advance in computing and how to communicate and how to make smart and smarter with the help of this technology. Technology helps us in education, makes money, and developing your world and yourself also. It’s beneficial for us and changes our world and lifestyle. With the help of this technology, we can do anything nowadays. With technology, our future generation can do hard work very easily and fulfill their dreams. Technology changes our life changes us and makes smart to smarter. These are the emerging software testing trends that one should watch out in 2020 as we live in the world of unprecedented exponential changes driven by technology and digital transformation.

If you any other interesting Software Testing Trends that you foresee in 2020? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!!

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