Top 10 Upcoming Future Technology Trends List in the World

Upcoming Future Technology

How are you all? I know you are waiting for something interesting so here Softs Guide has an interesting topic for your Top 10 Upcoming Future Technology Trends List in the World. It is helpful to grow your knowledge and interests because it is so useful in our life. We will discuss it, so let’s start… Here we have some important topic to share with you,

So don’t waste time, let’s start to share our interesting topic on “Upcoming Future Technology” as I promised…

I’m really excited to share with you this topic. And I tell you it’s nice to all of us “Upcoming future technology” well we know very well technology make us live to easy and funny its help to connect to all world. Technology makes us so lazy as well but its make smart and capable to use all type of technology and understand how much important for us. Technology is more powerful it makes us confidential. We make money from home, we can famous from home we can do anything that we want? It is possible only because of Technology.

That’s why we are here to share something new and interesting topic about technology “Upcoming Future Technology”

Which is the Upcoming Future Technology in India?

we know that- if we are talking about technology then the first city comes in our mind that is JAPAN right?
But India also does best if we are going to be compared with technology than we are also good at technology. Well as I told you if you want to know more about technology so you have to read my blog.

What are the Best Upcoming Future Technology ideas?

we have many ideas related to upcoming future technology like a smartwatch, saving energy, save water, make energy from water, robots, Driverless car. This type of upcoming future technology makes our life so easy and practical.

What are new inventions will there be in the Future?

There are many inventions which help to grow in the future and create also new inventions:

  • self-driving car.
  • virtual reality.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • wireless headphone and earphones
  • smartwatch and a smart jacket.

Well here is some topic which I will share you ,,

Upcoming Future Technology Trends List –

  • 1. Voice interface & Chatbots
  • 2. Artificial intelligence
  • 3. Cloud Computing
  • 4. Machine Learning
  • 5. Robotics
  • 6. Cybersecurity
  • 7. Drones & Aerial Vehicles
  • 8. Virtual Reality
  • 9. Blockchain
  • 10. Driverless cars
Upcoming Future Technology
Upcoming Future Technology

These are some topics we will discuss and we know the importance, benefit and loss. “Loss” you all are thinking that why we are sharing about the loss so I would like to tell you” Good thing come with the negative thing”

So our first point is –

1. Voice interface & Chat bots-

Well, our first topic is voice interface & chatbots, as we know that our first voice interface is “Shree” in Apple iPhone basically I want to say that we know the about voice interface than that was a Shree from iPhone, right? Well, I want to clarify that -voice interface is helpful sometimes but some time not-it proves so helpful but we have to use the keypad. Hmmm, not an issue but as you know Hello Google, Shree, and all voice interfaces make our life so easy and smart. This technology will rule the world in the future.


1. we can find anything from Google by voice

2. we can chat easily in our language

3. We can understand other state language in our mother language.

4. Easy to use

Disadvantage –

*we can’t use voice interface in public place if we want keep any secret.

* sometimes we search for something but its show something then we have to use the keypad.

*some time spelling error.

Now here we talk about Chatbot’s- chatbots is a chat application -its use for chatting with our mother language if our opposite person from another state so it can show them their mother language.

Advantages of this upcoming future technology-

*Easy to use

*We can chat our optional language

*Best Privacy

Disadvantages of this upcoming future technology-

*spelling error

*speed problem

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2. Artificial intelligence

Now here we discuss AI” means (artificial intelligence) its created by human brain ability to understand think and learn know you are thinking what is exactly?. do worry, I’m here so don’t you fear will explain you with an example like- Alexa, hello Google like this so I hope you understand very well what I’m saying huh!


* We can understand systems

*Trustful part.

*All human has free to spend time his family

*AI is a friend of human

Well here is some other example, it’s come in my mind so I’m sharing you. All guys have watched the movie Rajnikant. We all are big fans of him. The movie’s name was Robot, His name was CHITTY remember it’s a nice example to understand AI. Basically we can say AI is the part of computer development, Well every good thing comes with negative points –


*We can do everything but if artificial intelligence doesn’t work on feeling. It just works like a robot.

*AI is a friend for human but it’s not a good friend for humans. It saves our time but it’s not secure, if we save all files maybe it can steal my bad hand.

*safe but risky

3– Cloud Computing- The Upcoming Future Technology

Hy, here we are discussing cloud computing where we use email communication its helpful to save online, Instant downloading, best clarity of pictures of our lappy. It’s really powerful and easy to use for everyone. Basically it is an online working notepad. It has the best security and Hughes space to feed all types of data, best connectivity, and high speed to download, save, security, and more thing.

Upss like always every good think comes with negative points-


*Easy to use

*Best speed to download and save

*Security and Privacy

*online notepad

*Vendor Lock-in


*it can start free but after3 months that it’s paid

*it cannot work on slow internet.

4. Machine Learning

Machine learning is the best science to understand and learn computer and computer language without any programming and most of them think if we have knowledge of machine we can understand all of the histories of our science like machine learning has given us self-driving cars, web search, etc. Even Face book and Google more these types of platforms are using machine learning programs for advertisement. As we know machine learning is the best program to understand all history and we can earn money with history wow nice. If we are thinking about the future and about our career it is the best course for all students. Even businessman/woman who is in new industry .it is helpful to business growth and make more and more money.

Advantage –

*Machine learning is best way to earn money and helpful for growth

*About Career point is good

* it is best program for small business to make money.

*Best platform for advertisement.


*Acquisition of relevant data is the major challenge. Some time it happened

*Some time hard to use.

* Issue with coding

5. Robotics is leading upcoming future technology-

Robotics is the science of engineering it’s widely used in such kind of industry as automobiles. The robot is helpful for us and its take a few second to do anything that we want? Even it is trustworthy and hard for its work. Robot focuses on his work and done properly. The robot is the best creation of humans. The robot is a time saver. The best part is it’s a machine that looks like a human work like humans and control by a human.


*Time profit

*More saving

*More safety

*Quality improvement


*It’s so costly

*Need maintenance

6. Cyber Security-

Cybersecurity is the best antivirus to protect our system from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is the best part of network security from our enemy like China as we know now our situation is happened by China. It’s really helpful for us. It keeps all secret from our enemy and help to grow for our county and our personal life. it is safe and secure. Cyber makes our life so safe from cybercrime. It is very useful for everyone, especially for girls. Now a day everyone using internet social sites and keep more secret on the internet so cybersecurity gives us the best security to hide all secret. Cyber security is the best upcoming future technology for the human being.


*Best Safety

*Priority security

*Helpful to use

Disadvantages of this upcoming future technology-


*Some time hard to use

*it’s hard for nontechnical person.

*Depend on configuration.

7. Drones & Aerial Vehicles

Drones a more known name is Aerial vehicles. It’s the latest security. Drones are the latest security it helps our country for fighting, security, and many things. According to me -It’s a wireless flying security camera it’s helpful for security. It’s totally safe. The drone is like a flying robot that helps and makes for security purpose it can be controlled by remote even it’s the best game for kids. Today’s generation like so many drones even they are very happy to play with the drone. Well I would like to’s a nice security program but as usual, a good thing comes with negative points.


*Easy to use

*Wireless security camera

*priority of security



*Need Area

8-Virtual Reality-

Now we will discuss virtual reality, Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software. virtual reality is a image live life hmm you all are thinking that what is actual, okay I tell you like if you are listening to a song, you are totally involved in your song. You are enjoying song because you feel that song like the same is virtual reality. It as a real environment. You can experience virtual reality by sound and sight. like you listen to a song you use your listening power for sound and understand by your inner sight because you feel that song. Hmmm as same good thing come with negative points.

Advantages of this upcoming future technology-

*You can imagine what you want

*Create a realistic world

*You can explore your world.

*Its a best marketing part

*Attractive human life


*Wasting time

*Effective education

*Effective memory power

9. Blockchain –

Blockchain is a higher technology. It a group of technology and, help to understand and keep safe a group of upcoming future technology. Like-The blockchain is an amalgamation of maths, computer science, philosophy, psychology, and trustlessness. It is easy to understand and helps to solve many problems. Its help to understand the history of math’s and solve all type of problems. Its have higher security blockchain first priority is security so it can use higher security and safety for all. Easy to use for everyone. The most thing is that there are no government interference, zero fraud cases. With the help of blockchain, you can make and earn more and more money. It’s helpful for all types of businessmen/women.



*More security

*Easy to use

*Effective finance

*Stability. …



*Inefficient issue

*storage issue

*Size issue

10. Driverless cars for Upcoming Future Technology

Now we are discussing here an interesting topic –even we can say the best thing we are discussing here our favorite game of childhood, Driverless car. Remember when we were kids we all had a car who control by remote, we did not need a driver to drive that car we used a remote to control that car. It was awesome Nah!

Now here is the same we have a robotics car. There is no need for a driver and its control by remote even its help to decrease accidents and more things. It is helpful for human being but as we know that a good thing come with negative points- same here its help to for decreases accident but it can be increase terror because terrorist can use that for terror and bomb blast and these type of things. I want to share in simple language -Driverless car means self-driving its work automatic its best example of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Its work with sensors, its run on the road without a human operator. well, you watched a Bollywood movie – Tarzan the wonder car. I hope you understand those points.




*Less energy consumption

*Decreases accident. 

Disadvantage –

*Computer takes time to understand human activity.

*Terror activity

So guys ,, i hope you understand very well all topic clearly.

Conclusion about Top 10 Upcoming Future Technology Trends List in the World

Basically here is the conclusion is technology is making our life easier but it carries with that many problems and difficulty. Like we all are connected to each other by the upcoming future technology but we don’t understand the feeling of each other. we can talk to our family from anywhere but we can’t touch like the same technology is giving us the best life with many difficulties I hope you understand very well because I used a friendly language for your understanding. This Technology gives us money and career but it can not give us a real smile on our face and family. 

Future Technology is the best part of life but it is not a life of part so there is one thing we have made smart but we are we will use technology but We should use technology to make ourselves from it, but that does not mean that we forget to give time to our loved ones. Technology is for our convenience, not for our laziness!

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