How Has Technology Changed the World and is Still Changing?

Technology Changed the World

How Has Technology Changed the World and is Still Changing? by SoftsGuide a complete guide about Software and Technology. Technology is the combined mixture of techniques, Skills, Arts, Processes, and means which are used in the production of goods and services SoftsGuide. Basically technology involves in every aspect of our daily works in modern times. Today whatever we do or perform any action connects somewhere or the other with Technology. Technology is filled with different techniques which enable our work or action simple, easier & better in all forms. Human creates technology to solve their problems faster and convenient. Hence we can say technology is a way which is full of such techniques which enables our life easier, faster, better, and developed in modern culture. Even technology makes our life so unique and smarter. We can do anything with the help of technology. Technology helps us to grow in our careers and fulfill our need and we can come true to our dream.

Now a day with the help of technology we can do anything with our smartness from our place even nowadays with the help of technology villagers are getting an education and they get a job which field they want. Technology also helps Farmer. The farmer does many different things in his field by technology. Technology has many aspects and it is changing our world day by day by different methods. Some of the technologies which are included in our modern world are as follows which somewhere or the other are affecting our modern world.

How technology changed the world?

This technology gives us many things which they are use of our personality development like- Television, Mobile, smartwatch, Google assistant even with the help of technology we can order anything and they come to our place to provide, what we ordered .? Technology helps for study for all ages. Technology gives more opportunities to make more and more money and do what we want?

Now a day’s everything is easy to do for everyone. Technology is the best friend of humans. It helps to communicate with anyone and connect all over the world. Through technology, we can learn new things and develop our personalities.

Impact of technology in our daily life?

Technology impacts our daily on positivity and negativity like -technology makes our life easy ( we can do anything, we can go anywhere with the help of technology.) but it makes us lazy also.
technology gives us more knowledge( we can read, learn, communicate in any language)but it also gives us bad habits ( by the technology we are going to lazy and going to be adults from our actual age).

How has technology changed the world & our lives positively?

With the help of technology makes our life happily and knowledgeable. we can learn anything with the help of technology so we can get our dream job and what we want we can communicate with the help of technology. technology makes our life so easy and dreamful.

How has technology changed the world from the past to the present?

If you talking about past than you can realize that- if we had tried to do anything that means it’s meant we had to do very hard work and use physically and mentally that was very difficult. but now with the help of technology, we can do anything without physically work. And now we can do anything very easily and perfectly.
now you can understand technology making our life so easy and wonderful.

What are the new ways people can use technology to change the world?

Well, we are discussing technology benefits, I’m dame sure -will our whole day end the whole month, but the benefits of technology will not end.
but nowhere some technology will discuss-
like digital marketing, robot, self-drive car many types of technology is here you can read on my above blog. How technology work to change our life.

Technologies that will change the world in the next 10 years?

by the help of technology in future(10 years) our life will be so easy, creative and we can do anything that we can within a second, we can learn within a second, means our life will make a Zin ( hukum mere aaka kya chahiye?) our life will be like this.
hahha I know it’s so funny but it is true.
with the help of technology, humans reached on the moon now. In the future (10 years)we will be reached by the sun.

What technology has changed the world the most?

Hmm with the help of technology our life has changed but if we are thinking about what is change mostly that means our new generation- like without phone they can live nowadays?.. mobile phone going to be smart,
with the help of technology our doctor can recover the patients from any type of dangerous situation. with the help of technology, we can secure our houses and our families.

How has digital technology changed the world?

With the help of modern technology, our scient can invent anything doctors can fight any type of disease, students can learn anything and crack any type of difficult exam. A housewife can also make herself a businesswoman they can earn money from the house.

I’m Priya your new friend coming here with a new topic “How has Technology change the world and is still changing  ?”

We will discuss below points about How Has Technology Changed the World and is Still Changing:

  • 1-communication Technology
  • 2- Construction Technology
  • 3- Medical technology
  • 4- Architecture Technology
  • 5- Business Technology
  • 6- Education Technology
  • 7-Information Technology
  • 8- Space Technology
  • 9- Artificial Intelligence
  • 10- Robotics Technology
  • 11- Agriculture Technology
  • 12- Entertainment Technology

These are 12 topics to sharing with you. So let’s start our first topic-

1) Communication Technology:- Communication is very much essential in our personal life, Business, Social and all other lifestyles to share information or to express our feelings, Knowledge, and emotions towards any particular thing such as we can call to anyone from any place to another via Mobile, Cell Phones or telephones which is really magic of technology. By virtue of the Internet today we can access any information about any place which makes our lifestyle better, convenient and also provides us the knowledge to explore any innovation. It helps to share all feelings with our family and friends .it is the best technology to connect all worlds.


*Connect to all world.

*Help for career / Education

*Easy to use


*Need more privacy

*Effective dailylife

* Increases Terror Activity.

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2) Construction Technology: As it appears from the name this technology enables all the engineers to build heavy Bridges, Flats, Houses, and any design of the structure. This is also possible for our advanced technology. Due to this today we are able to live in a good atmosphere. It’s a unique engineering program in all world. This technology-based safety and security purpose .even the construction business is good its help to make more and more money and career point is also good in this technology.


*Best career points


*unique and financial technology.


*Take more  time

*Hard to use

3) Medical technology: One of the most important parts of technology is medical technology .we often go to hospitals for heavy checkups and tests. All the labs and machinery test happens & run successfully due to medical technology such as X-ray, Ultrasound different scopes, Blood test, etc. These all enable doctors to treat patients successfully & also enable patients cured before the delay. Improvement of healthcare and the best career in this technology. Now the day help of this technology. We can end the biggest disease and help to poor persons with this technology.


*Treatment and recovering time reduce.

*Increases death cases

*Best growth in career


*some time it’s so costly

*Lack of information of this technology it’s so harmful for patients.

4) Architecture Technology: This is also looking like the part of construction technology in which all the designs of construction are included. Engineers from their art prepare different maps or designs to create buildings, bridges, and all other suitable & convenient architecture. This is also affecting our world in a large way. This is very important for students and small businessmen/women. It helps to make a career if you want to go outside of your country and city it’s the best way to grow and make money. It’s a really interesting technology some technology is boring but this is the best and interesting technology for every student especially those who want to make a career in Architect. It’s helpful for business and easy to make money with technology.


*Earning source

*More options

*Advancing and improving.

Disadvantage –


 *Security and privacy issues.

5) Business technology: This technology enables Businessmen to achieve their business goals in a decent and convenient way. It includes hardware & software system, its employees, internet, telephones, and other technologies which help to get business goals. This technology has more options to make career and as usual, make more and more money well everyone want to be a big business that I would like to suggest them this technology because it makes a man/woman smart businessman/woman by this technology everyone can make a best businessman/woman. Well, as usual, we have plus points with negative points-


*You are own Boss, you can create yourself by this technology.


*Security and safety


*Less time


6) Educational Technology: This technology involves education & knowledge in the modern world. There are many online tools by which students are getting knowledge & prepare themselves for lighter studies. Different online applications are useful while understanding & getting knowledge. Even in the current corona crisis where school, colleges are closed. Students are taking help from online education & classes which are possible only due to our advanced educational technology.

Yeah its really nice technology for a student even who wants to learn all time its help to make smart and give you more knowledge for your better growth in your career, job life well I would like to tell you Education is the most important technology for everyone. This technology learns to live and how to survive in all situations and how to deal with our weaknesses. I must say this technology always useful for everyone.hmm like always every good thing comes with negative points.


*Multiple information recourses.

*No age limit requirement.

*quickly understand by this technology.

Disadvantage –

*Wasting time

*Effective new generation by this technology.

7) Information technology:- This is a tool where information of any organization related to product & management is being shared and restored towards the development of any organization or institute. Information technology makes our life easy and better because if we are using a computer than we have to information about all thing s of computer like how to work .what is the connectivity and internet speed it is basic information if we have this type of information than we can use computer otherwise we can’t use the computer even we can’t use anything. So if we have the information we are doing means we are doing good and going to be better.


*Create your life and more options

*Improve communication


*Business growth


*Some time wastage of time in non productivity.

8) Space technology: Today the world has become very advanced. The people of the world so-called astronauts have gone to the moon and space. This all became possible due to space technology. Rockets space & lights, Satellites are some examples from which we are able to know about space-related activities. Today we are searching for life in space just because of our advanced space technology.

Advantage –

*Opportunity to explore new thing.

*understand our planet better



9) Artificial Intelligence: It is also called machine technology. In this technology planning, learning speech recognition & imitation comes which really improves our modern life in a better way. Artificial intelligent most popular human creation. It’s just human robot who behaves like a human even brain activity like a human I told you my first blog Artificial intelligence best example like CHITTY in movies of Robot .they have the power to understand our activity and our command so they are following our command artificial intelligence is the best friend of human.


*More powerful

*Solving all types of problems

*better handling all information.

*They can understand our command



*lack of personal connection

10) Robotics Technology: In this technology Robot Human-made machine performs the duty of human. Robots are used in various sectors like in Industry in the agriculture field, automobiles, or in different sectors. We by means of Robot can access our work rather easily & speedily. Robots can work in dangerous situations. It can work 24/7 h. they can get tired. It reduces manpower. Easy to control no need to pay no need experience. Does a robot have all type of solutions what we want?


*Less time

* No need experience

*it can work any time anywhere.

* No complain

Disadvantage –


*Hard to implement

*Have no emotions.

11) Agriculture Technology:- Agriculture is very much important in our life. Because whatever we eat it’s just because of agriculture or farming. In the modern era agriculture has become very advanced & modern. Tractors, harvesting crops machine, thrasher are some examples that are performing their duties due to advanced technology. Consequently farmers today are doing agriculture jobs very easily. It’s the best part of our life even this technology helps our farmers. With this technology, our farmers are doing good in his field and growth in his field. Agriculture reduces the time of farmers they can supply easily water in his field by this agriculture technology.


*Less time

*Higher productivity

*Improvement in soil structure



*Effective product  cost .

12) Entertainment Technology:  Today without entertainment life is boring and almost impossible. We entertain ourselves by Television, Radio, music, speaker, and video camera, etc .are examples of entertainment technology. All Hollywood and Bollywood films are possible only because of entertainment technology which has become very advanced now. Even we can entertain by youtube. YouTube is the best example of entertainment. Entertainment technology makes our life so easy and joyful.


*Learn new thing by entertainment

*Reduce stress

*More options to make money


*wastage of valuable time

*Effective lifestyle.

These are the technologies without which we can’t imagine our life. People in ancient times were living without clothes in the forest were eating leaves & meats.

 Gradually new techniques were invented and we the people learned to live more advance. Almost 100 years ago we were different & were developing but today we are at different levels only because of these technologies.

Conclusion about How Has Technology Changed the World and is Still Changing

Right from the word go new techniques have been borrowing something new or the other day by day. These technologies are affecting us at a large extent. However, technologies have both positive and negative impacts on the world.  While on the one hand, it is taking us more towards development and advanced century. While on the other hand due to increasing automatic techniques the unemployment is increasing. Apart from this different pollution is taking place as well.  Most of all technology has mental, Physical, Psychological, social, environmental negative effects on our life but still remains advanced, up to date, and to be active & developed. We always take help from technology and will continue to take.

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How Has Technology Changed the World and is Still Changing?
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How Has Technology Changed the World and is Still Changing?
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