Best Software for PC List

Best Software for PC

Softs Guide is back with a new and interesting blog for you. This topic is really interesting because I wanted to discuss this with you from my first blog, even I know when you read this blog you all guys are thinking that it’s our daily lifestyle and everyone want to know about that “ Best software for PC list”. Everyone has a lot of questions when they buy a new computer right?

So here we will discuss this new interesting blog “BEST SOFTWARE FOR PC LIST”. I’m so excited to share this in the blog and I must say -it will be nice and very helpful for you all. I hope this blog will help you to increase your knowledge and provide you with maximum knowledge of the software that you can use in your Laptop, Computer, and Desktop.

In this blog, I will describe paid and unpaid software so you can use according to your benefits, according to your choice and your need.

Firstly I will describe Best Paid Software for PC List

Paid Software for PC list-

There are many paid software for PC

1 Adobe Creative Cloud

In this adobe creative cloud, you have many applications for your photo editing and make your photo different and unique.

Best Paid Software for PC List-

  • Ps- Photoshop
  • Ai-Illustrator
  • Id-In Design
  • Ru-Premiere Rush –
  • Pr- Premiere Pro

These paid applications use for photo and video editing.

Now here I’ll explain all application Like-

1st is a photoshop- this application will help for photo editing like you can improve photo quality ( skin tone, face glow) and software editing.

2nd is Illustrator- This is a graphics design application that can use by web designing, logo, book illustrations, icons, and product packing.

3rd is InDesign- This application is used to design publishing suite like posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books and eBooks, etc.

4th is Premiere Rush- In this application, we can create (fast editing, color adjust) our videos and sharing our videos online. Even we can add easily titles from this application.

5th is Premiere Pro – In this application, we can industrialize work like – video editing for software, creative tools so we can use very easily. Even for better understanding- this application providing us free of cost 7 days trials.

2 The Last pass

In this application, you don’t need to remember your password. This application will help you with this. It’s improved your online security and makes a unique and strong password. It has customer support. This is the best mobile apps for security purposes. By using this app all apps will be safe with a strong and unique password.

3 Norton Security Premium

If will purchase a PC then we need an antivirus according to a survey Norton security premium is the best for anti-virus. This virus has done an excellent job for many years and now it’s also doing best for security because of helpful features and easy to use, helpful for clean temporary data, keep backup and manage passwords very well.

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Basic software needs for a computer PC-

Here we are discussing basic software need for our PC / Computer/ Laptop and Desktop. It’s a difficult task to choose software for our PC, we don’t have any idea what software best and why for our PC.

So I trying to help out for this –

Here, we have some software for pc

  • Google Chrome Browser.
  • VLC media player
  • Google photos
  • Free download manager
  • Team-viewer.
  • MS office
  • Folder lock
  • Thunderbird
  • Microsoft Security Essentials.

1 Google Chrome Browser. In this software, you can find anything like Google. Its the second part of Google but in this application the best feature to keep our history so you can find easily search for anything that you want very easily and you will notice from your subscriber application.

2 VLC media player- In this software, you can use for play any type of multimedia file. It’s free and open to play any format. It’s safe for download.

3 Google photos- In this software, you can save our photos and videos with security. Even you can share your photos and videos anywhere with security.

4 Free download manager– In this software; you can download your files with a simple click with the help of a free download manager. It helps to understand customer needs and preferences.

5 Team viewer- In this software, you can desktop sharing, online meetings, and file transfer between two computers very easily.

6 MS office- This is official software, in this software, you use to create a document, create presentations, make sheets by Excel and save document like the type of work you can do easily with the help of this software.

7 Folder lock- Help of this software you will get security in your folder and important files. You can store all files and documents in folder lock with high security.

8 Thunderbird– This is official software, in this software you can manage your many email id in one click, which means you can configure all mails in this software, and then you can use all mails in one click.

9– In this software, you can easily edit in your photo and images.

10 Microsoft Security Essentials– It’s the best antivirus software which is protected to damage all data from virus. It’s beneficial for our PC.

Best apps for your new Windows PC

Now here we are discussing the best applications for our personal computer.

Now I’m showing below some best applications list-

  • Netflix/ Amazon
  • Drop box
  • What’s app/ Instagram / Facebook/ Skype
  • Flip board
  • Adobe bridge cc
  • Spottily music
  • Audible
  • Duo lingo
  • Ted

 Now here we are discussing these applications one by one.

1 Netflix & Amazon Prime-

Firstly we will discuss Netflix- Netflix is an online application which is helpful for to watch daily-soaps, movies, cartoons and web serious without any advertisement. Even you can download your favorite shows, movies, cartoon, and web serious so you can watch without net connection but it’s too costly.

Amazon prime is also an online application. It’s very helpful for Indian and it has the best membership if you are purchasing anything from Amazon then you will get free shipping. You also watch movies, T.V serial, cartoon and web series but its have huge collections of Indian movies compare then Netflix. It has a low cost so you can purchase very easily.

2 Dropbox–   In this application, you can save you all types of data like- photos, documents, important files, and videos even its useful to save data for android phones, desktop, and laptop. Its have the best security application.

3 what’s an app & Instagram & Facebook & Skype- These all the social application which we use for connect to our friends, family, and know persons. We can share anything by this application we can chat and video call from this application.

4 Flip board- In this application, you can learn and grow your knowledge from the flip board. It has a nice content to read, you will get daily bases new from the flip board. You can upload your ideas to make many friends and followers it’s very helpful. Even I use this for reading stories, books, listening to music, and many-other options here for everyone.

5 Spotify music- By this application, you can listen to millions of songs from the 90s to 21 centuries. In this application, you can listen to your favourite singer’s songs you can listen to your favourite’s albums songs even you can see what your friends are listening to. The best part is it’s free so enjoy your favourite songs according to situations.

6 Adobe bridge cc- It’s a free application so you can create your photos and videos a unique label. You can change your photo’s background, lights, skin tone, face glow, and change angels of photos by this application.

7 Audible- In this application, you can listen to your story, books its online audible book (which is no need to read). It’s 30 days of free trial so you can trial and enjoy your favorite book if you want to buy your favorite book then you can buy directly from this application.

8 Duo lingo- It is an online language learning application that is useful for every age. You can learn 30+ languages from this application.

9 TED- In this application, you can share your ideas, your thoughts whatever you want. It depends on your confidence. According to TED it’s helpful for us to grow knowledge and improves our self-confidence. It’s a nice application for the improvement of our confidence and gets better ideas to improve our knowledge.

Essential software for new PC-

If you are buy a new PC so you have to download there some essential software like-

Here the list is-

  • Firefox
  • Google drive
  • Libra office
  • Malware bytes Anti-malware
  • Share X
  • Ram box
  • File Compression and Extraction
  • Clip Clip

So now we will discuss essential software for your new PC

1 Firefox- This software can run very easily in a small space of memory and internet speed is good so you can download it easily.

(By the way, I would like to tell you that instead of Firefox, download Google Chrome is the best option. I already told you about Google Chrome. Basically both are the same but the best feature in Google chrome)

2 Google Drive-In this software you can download your picture, videos, and all type of documents with high security. Even you share your picture, videos, and documents from this software.

3 Libra-office-This is open-source official software, and it’s free of cost. It’s has high security and very easy to use and create a unique presentation from this application. Nowadays this application is very useful for us.

4 Malware bytes Anti-malware-   This software is a free anti-virus with the best security for our laptop, computer, and android phone.

5 Share X- This application useful for screen recording and capturing. It is free of cost and very easy to use. It can be screen recording with their sound and share the recording with a single click. Even you can upload a picture with their caption.

5 Ram box- In this software its works as a productivity booster. It’s helpful to manage all software.

6 File Compression and Extraction- In this software, you can add many files and folders in one folder which is very easy to share, one click. Because its helpful to compress them, that’s why you can share very easily.

7 Clip Clip – In this software you have to save all types of information which is copy and paste because sometimes it’s not easy to save copied so you can use this application in your PC for saving copied data.

Free software list for PC-

Wow, so here we are discussing free software for PC. Everyone wants us can learn everything but without pay, so here we have some free software for our PC which is very useful for us.


  • Go for meeting & zoom-
  • CO Mixology comics
  • Microsoft & Gmail
  • SPAM fighter
  • U torrent
  • Multi commander
  • Google earth
  • Kodi
  • Telegram
  • Microsoft one note
  • Google keep

These some application is free for services.

1 Go for meeting Google meet– As we know that in this application we can use for online conference meetings, we can video call with many people in one link. Basically it’s used for an office. Both of these have proved very helpful in COVID-19.

2 CO Mixology comics & Lovel– In this application, if we are lover to read comic, story, fiction, and novel so this application is very useful for that person who is interested to read an online comic, story, novel and fiction. You can read online- a new comic, story, novel, and fiction every day.

3 Microsoft & Gmail & yahoo– These applications are very famous and secure. It has huge spaces and many types of functions so you can create your account very easily and safely.

4 SPAM fighter– In this application, It’s helpful for remove spam from your PC because if our PC has spam then pc having no speed of internet may be with spam our pc will work slow so it is helpful to fight for spam.

5 U torrent- Help of this application you can download any movies, any software very easily. And you can watch the latest movie from this application.

6 Multi commander- Help of this application you can use multi-tabs and multi-panels at the same time. So you can do your work with smartness. It’s a very useful application.

7 Google earth- This application is guidance for us you can check proper distance and location in 3D. It works as a Google map. This is helpful for everyone.

8 Kodi– In this application, you can watch movies on a big screen like a home theatre with the best quality and sound. If you are fond of movies then you can download this. It’s free…

9 Telegram- In this application, you can share your ideas, picture, and videos even from this application you can watch new movies and make many friends. Even you can learn from this application. You can start your business from this application. It’s really helpful for small businessman/woman because there is many links are available to learn new ideas for your business.

10 Microsoft one-note- In this application, you can create your notes unique style with high security and you can use this application very easily. It is very useful for students. But everyone can use it. It’s helpful.

11 Google keep-   In this application, it’s helpful to set a reminder, keep your secret notes with their titles, so you can find easily.

Conclusion about Best Software for PC List

So guys this is some software which is very useful to buy a new PC. Hmm In this blog I tried to explain basic, paid, and unpaid software for your uses. If I have forgotten something or I have left something, then you can comment in the comment box and tell me even you can help me out to share new ideas by the blog.

Well, I tried to share my opinion with you with the help of my blog. If you have any suggestions for me if you have any doubts so you can share your ideas and your point of view. You can ping me. I’ll respond to you and share your comments on my blog.

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